Stacy-Ann Massage Services Policies

Booking Policy

All appointments require a valid credit or debit card to book an appointment, whether booking online or in person.

Cancellation Policy

All appointments require 24 hours’ notice to cancel without being charged 50% of the scheduled service(s). All no show appointments will have defaulted, and the full-service price scheduled will be charged. If your payment method declines, cancelation fees must be paid in full before any future services commence with Stacy-Ann Massage Service. If the client is running late “you,” it’s your responsibility to inform Stacy-Ann Massage Services. Also, Stacy-Ann Massage Services is not obligated to honor the full-service time as it would not be respectful to both therapists and clients after you.

What to expect on arrival

Clients, please arrive 5-10 minutes before your appointment time. Upon arrival, the client will wait in the waiting area. Clients may text the therapist once they are in the building so the therapist can meet and escort them back to the suite.

What Happens in the Session

Once in the suite, the therapist will go over any concerns or goals you’d like to achieve in the massage session. Based on the information given, the therapist will instruct you further.

It is the Maryland law and company policy that dictates proper procedure, conduct, and draping be applied throughout the entire session. The client, likewise the therapist, can refuse a session if either one feels uncomfortable, such as inappropriate behavior, comment, or sexual gestures.

Any cuts, bruises, rashes, or any unidentified skin conditions on the client’s skin will be excluded for the client’s and therapist’s safety. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the therapist of any health concerns that may be considered a contraindication for massage. It is the therapists’ goal to achieve a successful session with each client. Therefore, both the therapist and client need to communicate about the appropriate pressure or other concerns that may arise during the massage session.

Stacy-Ann Massage Services does not have the available space in the suite to accommodate waiting for clients; therefore, they are encouraged to use the sitting area.

What to expect after the session

Massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues. This manipulation will sometimes leave you feeling sore for a few days. This soreness is not uncommon for massage and will fade within a few days. Based on the therapist’s assessment of the tissues, she will suggest stretches to do at home with continued massage sessions.

All services are by appointment only

All clients are welcome and are required to comply with all Stacy-Ann Massage Services policies. 

All services are by appointment only.

Please note that it is the Maryland law and company policy that proper procedures, conducts, and draping will be used throughout the entire session. The client likewise the therapist can refuse a session, if either one feels uncomfortable, such as inappropriate behavior, comments, or sexual gestures.